Mistaking the Problems for the Solutions: Reversing the Fatal Flaw Behind Our Proliferating Crises

Have you noticed how, since the beginning of this pandemic, we’ve been told over and over that this measure or that proffered by those mandating the pandemic agendas would save us — lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and now, of course, mass vaccinations — but that in fact, each time, the opposite has been true? It’s gotten progressively worse, with new mutations, the promise of endless “top-up” boosters, censorship of adverse effects as well as of natural solutions, and now, with vaccine passports, ever-tightening control and surveillance over every aspect of our movements and our lives…

Let’s face it — over a year down the line now, we’ve lost our rights and freedoms, chasing that perpetual carrot that is being waved in front of us. The question here is, bluntly: are we humans or are we donkeys, following, blindly, and ass-backwards, mandates that are leading us nowhere but into captivity and self-destruction?

The fact is that, unawares, we’ve been ushered, step by step, into a new perpetual pandemic order, not our salvation from it and a return to normal, as we believed we were promised. It’s time to wake up, take stock of where we’re heading, and decide if this is what we really want.

The problem is that we have our analysis of the situation, and therefore the solutions, backwards. They say that doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, is the height of stupidity. Giving our trust to solutions that have only spun the spiral of our crises faster and harder is taking this kind of stupidity to a whole new order.

Let’s look a little more closely, then, at how we’ve gotten our picture of what is happening backwards, so that, setting it straight, we can put ourselves in the position of finding real solutions. For how we see this situation, and therefore how we respond to it, is not an academic question at this point, to be endlessly debated: it is life or death.

And what we have gotten backwards, in the simplest terms, is this: the relationship of nature to man-made agendas, and which are really on our side. Man-made agendas for the private profit of the few have overridden our natural connections with the Earth that have sustained us for millennia, and if we do not recognize and reverse this, we will not survive.

It is not that nature has caused this virus and men are trying to save us, but that men have caused this virus and nature is trying to save us. Whichever way this virus has been caused — whether by breaching the animal-human interface through deforestation and encroachment, or bio-engineering it in a lab — it is men who have disrupted the precious balance of nature that has sustained us for thousands of years, unleashing this monstrous crisis. And while nature, in her generosity, is still offering ample solutions — natural and holistic modalities, such as Ayurveda, herbs, vitamins C, D, zinc and other natural supplements — it is men who are suppressing and censoring those solutions (as well as Ivermectin, which is simple, safe and very effective) while forcibly imposing their own dangerous and unnatural (but, for them, highly profitable) agendas.

We keep getting things backwards, mistaking the problems for the solutions, mistaking the forces of destruction for the sources of our salvation.

If men and their agendas are not the source of our salvation from the crises of mankind, what is? For those with eyes to see, the answer is self-evident. Nature is, the source of creation and our own source, whose magnificent, intricate intelligence created us in the first place, but from whose life-sustaining guidance and wisdom we have long departed. One thing is sure; and the evidence for it is coming home to roost with a vengeance now. The more we cooperate with nature, the more we flourish and prosper; the more we defy her, or try to exploit her for our own greed and profit, the more we spell our own demise.

The Western mind is solutions-oriented (and speed-obsessed) — it doesn’t look for the deeper causes behind the problems. It attacks immediate symptoms, rather than the roots, and so the problem proliferates in an escalating spiral, as each superficial attack generates the causes of new and deeper problems. We can see this so clearly in the handling of the pandemic — each measure to solve the problem not only fails to solve the problem but spawns new and bigger ones — epidemics of destitution, financial breakdown, mental breakdown, suicide, domestic violence, not to mention that the medical measures taken to fight the virus are actually driving new and increasingly severe mutations, in an endless spiral. This is great news for the pharmaceutical and IT companies calling the shots — more and more profits, power, and justification for still tighter controls — but very bad news for the rest of us.

Cause > problem > solution


Cause > problem > solution


Cause > problem > solution

The Buddhists say that greed, aggression and ignorance are at the root of all our problems. We all have these tendencies to varying degrees, but they are not evenly proportioned. The billionaire class (Bill Gates, the WHO, the CDC, World Economic Forum, etc., the architects of the “Great Reset”) represent the pinnacle of extreme greed and aggression; they could not have gotten where they are without them. In our ignorance of this (or unwillingness to look beneath the paternalistic veneer for fear of what we might actually find there), the general public is blindly following their dictates, being unwittingly manipulated and playing into their hands, creating an unwitting collusion with our own self-destruction.

But once we see the larger pattern, we can no longer plead ignorance — and just as well, because it is truly only the truth that can save us now, and coming together to act on it. When we see the truth, we stop supporting their greed and aggression against us, and begin to work on our own behalf, for all future generations and the planet.

And we need not remain in ignorance — in fact, the bigger picture is not far to see. Our crises and their roots may seem extraordinarily complex right now, but there are actually a few simple keys that can begin to unravel all the confusion, and give us the clarity and perspective we need to act wisely and effectively.

I will give two keys here — one, to the outer situation, and one to the inner.

First, the outer. The concept of “disaster capitalism”, a term coined by Naomi Klein, is an extraordinarily helpful key to understanding our escalating crises right now, and the dynamics behind them. Capitalism causes a crisis, and then offers a solution from which it profits — and that solution itself in turn generates further crises, and further profits, in a self-perpetuating cycle. A very simple strategy, and very effective, because people are led to mistake what are really the problems for the solutions, and end up chasing their own tails down the garden path to greater and greater crises and ultimate breakdown, personal and collective. This breakdown, in turn, sad to say, is not an unexpected side-effect but exactly what was intended — for the more our spirits, and our economies are broken, the greater the power of those at the top to control us.

Crises, in particular, catch our attention, and make us short-sighted and quick to grab whatever solution is proffered, neglecting to see that it is provided by those very same forces that have created the crises! It is the ultimate strategy for capitalists, and with the Covid pandemic (aided by the fear and panic they’ve sown) they have hit the jackpot!

So how do we stop this fatally vicious cycle? First, we must stop, draw back the curtains, and see what are actually the deepest causes of our crises; and then, instead of chasing symptoms, uproot the causes from those very roots.

Which brings us to the second key — the inner one, of consciousness, and its relationship to our outer situation…which is far more potent than many of us think.

Einstein famously said you can’t solve a problem from the same consciousness that generated it, so we can see here that the real root of our problem (and solutions) is consciousness itself — whether it is limited, distorted, divided, or unified, integrative, holistic. The more holistic our consciousness, the more we can see the deeper causes of our problems, and leverage deep-rooted, far-reaching, transformative and powerful solutions.

In short, the deepest causes — of both the crises and the solutions — lies in consciousness itself, and whether it is divisive, or connective. A divisive consciousness spirals into a vicious cycle of delusion, greed, violence and destruction; while a connective consciousness — one that honors the deeper connections between ourselves and nature and between each other — leads to a virtuous cycle of thriving, health and well-being. It is our consciousness, our worldview, that determines the world we live in — and it is through that consciousness, individually and collectively, that we can take back our power back into our own hands — indeed, we must, if we want a future worth living.

So, I would leave us with two points — first, we must free our own consciousness from its captivity to man-made agendas and those at the top who are dictating them, solely for their own profit and against our well-being; and second, we must re-align ourselves with nature and each other, to forge a united front, of many diverse sectors, creating a new society that is healthy, wise and vibrant. Nature is on our side; let us embrace her as our greatest support, our teacher, healer and guide. We need to unite in love, compassion, caring, harmony with natural systems, reverence for our true interconnectedness — and the trust that aligning with our own source, in consciousness and action, will heal us and take us home to our true wholeness, the freedom, flourishing and well-being that is our own true nature and birthright.

I know I have said a lot here, please take time to digest it. I have been brief, by necessity, and packed a lot into a few short sentences. If you’d like to see what I’ve shared here unpacked at greater length, please see my longer article, “Disentangling the Web of Illusions That Have Led to Our Present Crises” particularly Parts 4, 5, 6 and 7.)